Hi !

Welcome to this blog.

It comes with this website  gkcphotos.com where I’ll publish some of my photos. The website will be online around May, 8th.

As you will easily notice, I’m french but trying to publish this blog in english too. Forgive in advance all errors I will make. You can correct me if needed in comments ! And my spanish is too old (I got no update for this 😂 …).

This site is actually under development, only by myself, and at a temporary url. Everything is done “amateur style”. And time dedicated to this will depend on my job, my motivation, and else … So I will update this when I’ll be able to do so…

Photos and travel will be the main subjects. The only aim is to share photos. You can follow me on Instagram (gueule.kc).

Have a great surf, anywhere you go !


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