Et voilà ! website is now online. And working without too many bugs. I’ve tried to test it on different devices. If you have some problems, you can tell me on this blog or use the adresse mail provided in the contact section of the site into the Infos section.

The first published gallery is New-Zealand. There are 300+ photos. They are chronologically ordered. So when there is is bad weather, it can last for few shots 😜… And the same for good weather !

The site is made to be simple. It’s just about showing photos. Nothing more.

It is in english and in french (of course…) at the same url and language selection can be done in the home page (flag in the top -and only menu).


Visualisation can be driven following 3 different ways:

  • Classical slideshow
  • Random slideshow
  • Detailed visualisation by photo (EXIF data and géolocalisation on a map)

This is explained by help button on each page.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know some shots. But because (or thanks to) Instagram, I’ve done this site to allow a larger visualisation of those photos  (as I said in “About …”).

I hope you will enjoy viewing few of those shots. I’m thinking about adding a video section related to some galleries (when I’ve got some to show !). If i’ve got engouh time I’ll try to do it…

Anyway, thanks to have read this bla-bla so far, and have a good surf anyway you go !

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